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If you are after some good reads the DogsSA website has available to people to download the magazines which shows breeders and litter registrations - noting some of the breeders whom have multiple litters with no interest in the direction of the breed ie showing/obedience etc. their dogs have only passed Hip/Elbows nothing more - meeting the only  requirement of ANKC and DogsSA for breeding. copy this link to page. 

I for one going forward will be expecting parents of my pups to be not only following the GSD guidlines of Hip/Elbows and Breed Survey but also to be DNA tested for all known gentetic traits for the german shepherd dog clearing them of these. All future litters that I have will have pups DNA tested also, there is really no reason why any breeder can not do this yes it costs $195 to get done per pup, but when you are selling pups in excess of $2500 or in some cases over $4000 on Gumtree (or as I call ScumTree) you are well and truly still making money if thats what you breed for.... especially if you are breeding your own stud dog to your bitch you have already saved around $2000 on a stud fee. Another thing to keep in mind when speaking to breeders have they DNA tested their dogs?? and see the paper work from ORIVET.



A new year a new direction..... we are moving a long time dream coming to fruition!!! So since we are currently renting back where we are, there will now be no litters had for a while til we have set up new place - still no kennels as my dogs are family so the only need for them would be if i was to house other peoples dogs on holidays etc or emergency..... buts lots of green grass for the dogs to run around!  Very little time is now spent on social media, going back oldschool having a life not on computers and phones. Any contact is to be made via email with your details etc, do not send an sms asking if any pups available as response will be 'No'. 


2020 Here we are!!!

May 17

Well the Nationals have been postponed it would have been this weekend, but still on holidays anyways enjoing time with Jeda and getting updates from a few of the owners (current photos in 'B Litter' folder) hope to see more updated photos along the way, and hope that all the puppies have settled nicely in their new homes.

May 1

Well not sure about all you guys out there but Covid-19 is a big pain in our butts.... people still going out as if nothing is wrong to shops etc and buying up all the essentials!! As an essential worker makes ya mad not being able to go and get few items you would get on a fortnightly or monthly basis!

This week saw a big decision in our house as a responsible breeder and dog lover we had decided to rehome 2 of the 11 week old turds Duke and Luna as much as we loved them and it broke my heart to make the decision, they really thrived on one on one attention that we in this household could not give fully, their personalities just bloomed when the individual time was spent. They have gone to the best of homes and look forward to seeing them grow in their new homes where they will be very much loved and enjoy digging up the gardens like their mother :-).

Leaving us with the lil black stick Jeda!! Details of her and photo will be placed in Our Dogs section shortly. Now we can wholely devote our time to her ensuring she develops and grows to be just like her mumma! 

April 10 

Well the time has come we have seen 6 of the turds leave home now last 2 to go tomorrow. Leaving us with our Long Coat Boy - Duke and our 2 Stock Coat Girls Luna and Jeda, we will see how they grow and develop over the coming week/months. We will still be doing as much socialization as possible our short walks to learn lead work, wishing all our puppy buyers a Very Happy Easter break stay safe and well and enjoy your puppies.... 

April 4

Well i hate being back at work would rather be staying home still with the lil wuppets..... they leave for their new homes end of this week, for those that are at home will have plenty of time to settle their new pups being mindful when things go back to normal (work and kids schools) that their pups will need to have had training on the side of being left alone if need be during the day. Having the wifi camera to be able to view whilst pup is on their own you can ensure they do not get up to mischief or pin point anything that may need to be moved out of pups reach to not hurt themselves.

Mar 11 

Pups are now 4 weeks old.... we still have a few of these gorgeous boys available!! to register your interest please email for puppy enquiry form, from there a meet and greet will be organised :-) 

Mar 8

The puppies are growing nicely now 3 1/2 weeks old and starting to show their lil personalities with their voices.... love their lil growls and barks!!! Started on solids and are taking it well :-) today saw myself catch up on an hours sleep this arvo when they too were having a snooze...... 

Feb 22

Well these puppies are coming along very nicely and its looking like we may have a couple of long coats - will be able to confirm in another weeks time. They are all starting to get the wobbles on for getting on their feet which is soo cute and scary at the same time caus once they start moving its all over, they will be running before we know it!!! 

Feb 11

Well only a couple of days left to go now til we see the new additions to the family, we have met some lovely people over the past week whom will be new puppy parents, thats the fun part i have to say as they individually come out and seeing what sex they are..... a lucky drop!!! 

Feb 3

Not long to go now 10days and we should have the lil sounds of some very cute and fluffy puppies..... 

Jan 24

Well not long now to go til Zeva has her lil pups, just under 3 weeks!!! she is feeling it now, getting a bit bigger and eating alot more, we were told there is definite 7 so fingers crossed not too many more than that!!! So excited to see what this litter will be like :-) 

Jan 11

so excited 7 days to go till we have confirmation of Zeva being pregnant all signs are pointing in the right direction just how many buns in the oven is the guessing game! 

Jan 5

Well not far off now til we find out if Da Mumma is pregnant feeling quite confident all signs so far are pointing to a positive ultrasound which will be done on the 18th!!!! Stay tuned...... 

Hoping all those that have been affected by fires are safe and that their fur babies are safe also!!! the road ahead interstate isnt clear yet with fires still buring - just never thought we'd see it in our life time. Maybe councils etc will back burn more often clear the fallen trees and allow cattle to naturally mow the undergrowth to keep this from happening again.....

Hello 2019


Well with all this crappy hot weather we have been having we havent been out much to Gepps Cross.... the next month sees me out with knee surgery so hope to be up and mobile more towards end of April so the girls can have a break til then.... 

Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and New Years and fur babies stayed safe with fireworks and cool on these stinky hot days.

We were supposed to start back at training this Sunday 3 Feb but with the temp being over 32 a bit warm for the woofies.... so heres hoping next weekend will be a bit cooler.


13/12  OK someone please tell me what happened to this year in a blink of an eye it has gone.... and feel Ive done very little except work!!!  Well our B litter plans are underway and should know Mid January if puppies will be due around Valentines Day.... fingers crossed XX  please note all enquires to be via email first for puppy enquiry form to be completed and then meet and greet organised where questions can be asked an answered. An exciting part of this litter will be those that are on the list will be able to see the litter daily via a camera set up in the room..... 


Bye  Bye 2018



Miss Gigi had a great day out at training first time class 2 learning to do drops which she surprisingly got very quickly!!! Love how she works with me we are a good team :-) Graduation next weekend see how we go..... 



Well Miss Gigi has graduated Class 1 and is now into class 2, when dealing with 2 dogs to train in the same time slot can only do one at a time so will be alternating them so they get their days out...... bring on warmer weather and day light savings :-) 

15/9 Well we are into spring with the horrid birds doing the swooping on walks.....  Gigi is back on deck at Gepps Cross doing her obedience in class 1, will soon be bringing Zeva back out for her class 3 work plus doing some Rally prep for  the National in Melbourne next year.

5/9 Well the Royal has been we went in 7th out of 8 and came out the same lol.... never the less Gigi did great PR for the breed getting lots of pats and the few that were really special got kisses from her, met some lovely people and had good chats :-) 


Well this month just came and went in a blink of an eye....


Well this month has flown past also..... We have been doing our obedience Sunday's and saw Gigi pass Learners Class last Sunday 29th now onto Class 1 for more tricky stuff - Stands hehe!! Zeva is in season now so is house bound no play for her so that will soon enough pass.....  Only 1 month to go for the Royal Show see how we go being international judge it is their opinion on the day so see what he likes.. lets hope August goes a little slower xmas will be here soon.


Wow could someone please let me know where this first half of the year has gone.... this time has flown!! We have seen the National come and go Gigi did us proud 24/35 with a grading of Very Promising (you pay for the judges opinion and each opinion is different) Zeva didnt get her pants back from dry cleaners so she was scratched from the line up. 

This next half of the year shall see us focus more on the obedience side to ensure they are well educated and not just running in a square....

One thing I have been doing over the past few months of interest is looking at how many GSD breeders are here in SA and how many litters they have each year and it is sad to say some that preach that they are guardians of the breed and breed for the improvement need to really look at what that really means some had 5 and 6 litters with a total of 33 and 32 puppies and even scarier a breeder had 7 litters 53 puppies!!!. My thoughts there are firstly is how many puppies did you keep to run on and how many were for sheer profit, after years of breeding you would think they would know whom their good producers were and only breed from them.

So its not just backyard breeders you need to be weary of...... yes parents may be hip and elbow xrayed and champion show titles but the question still remains why have a litter if you dont plan on keeping anything especially if she isnt a producing bitch...... that is my 5c worth.


Well we have started April off with a lovely weekend showing on the 7th & 8th Gigi was 2nd both shows on the Saturday and took out 1st and Baby Puppy of Breed on the Sunday was a good fun couple of days, with the girl meeting other breeds.

Nationals - they are just around the corner Gigi making her appearance on Friday in the ring, and Zeva will be in for progeny group Saturday then running on Sunday in Open Class we will see how she goes after having her litter a lil out of coat..... its an outing for her anyway :-) running with the pack....


Jeepers this month has pretty much come and gone..... nothing much happening just getting the 2 girls ready for Nationals at end of April. Gigi's first All Breeds Shows will be on the weekend of the 7/8th April for a trial run before the Nationals. 


25/02 Well most of the muchkins have gone to their new homes we have one boy left whom will be picked up by his family on Wednesday, it is very quiet here now and with less mouths to feed Im feeling empty, but 3 of the pups I will get to see regularly as they are local...... and one of the boys we will be showing with the new owner so this is very exciting for them and us to see how he progresses in the ring ...... along with sisters Gigi and Aura the German Shepherd Nationals on 27/28/29 April will be exciting time...

19/2 Not long now and the puppies will be leaving to their new homes, tissues are at the ready......

4/2 Well the pups are now 5 weeks old and growing very nicely, they slept pretty much through all 4 Jurasic Parks yesterday with all the roaring, banging and crashing they didnt even flinch.... we will watch K9 next weekend they will be a bit older then :-) more gun shots in that one too lol.


29/1 Had our first puppy meet and greet on the weekend meeting some lovely people whom will be taking a puppy home in 4 weeks time, being a warm day thou the fur kids were very sleepy but wide awake when it was lunch time where they were able to see the appetite these little guys have at this age.....

Zeva and Zeus were very well behaved with the amount of people in the house that would not normally be here, Zeva doing a headcount every so often just to make sure all were there an accounted for and then back out side she went leavin us to play!!!

2/1  Well the puppies had a check up today and got the tick of approval and all clear from the vet..... so very happy indeed. The Staff and a few clients at the vets couldnt resist having a lil look also... :-) 




31/12 Well the end of the year has seen us end on an extremely high note with Zeva producing 4 gorgeous girls and 4 handsome boys, all very healthy and happy visit our 'A' litter photos to watch them grow. Zeva is a natural Mum and I couldnt be prouder.  There will definitely be a couple to be seen in the show ring next year the German Shepherd Nationals being the first of many in April. Bring on 2018!!!!!


9/9 Tomorrow is Fun Day at Gepps Cross Dog Training Centre looking forward to doing some agility runs and rally obedience and with the weather looking nice should be a good turn out of people with their pups!!!


Well this month of training has been going well with graduation next week, we will stay in the same class wanna make sure our recall basics are perfect for the next class is a longer distance..... today thou 20/8  we did our first off lead short distance recall to which the girl did very well :-)  


30/7 WE DID IT, WE DID IT!!! We graduated Class 2 now onto Class 3 for Recall work..... this will be quite the challenge since normally I cant walk more than 5 feet from her without her going spastic like Im leaving her for life.  We were also lucky enough to be given the Best In Class Award for the month also - good lil girl she is!! Bring on August....

22/7  Well this month has been kind to us so far for getting out and training at Gepps although tomorrow 23rd is looking to be a bit tricky.... but we will be there!!!


End June/July

Well the start of this year has been very slow, we will be back out to training at Gepps Cross this Sunday 2nd fingers crossed the weather gods play nice.....



Well here I was thinking yes first weekend of Feb get back out to obedience and its predicted to rain a heap of cats n dogs.... So Zeva will stay at home in the dry, no point dragging the poor girl our for her class to then be crated for the remaining time possibly in the rain.... Hopefully the following week mother nature will be nicer!!

12/2  Well back out at training today, girl did very well..... worked hard!! loved seeing all the new pups and playing with them :-) 




Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and great start to the New Year...... time is ticking on before we know it January will be gone and we will have the start of Obedience Training in February - Bring it on!!!





Well unfortunately Zeva didnt fall pregnant this season round, so a little disappointing but will go again next season and will go with my own gut feeling on when she should be mated.... 

So starting 23rd Oct we will be out again at Gepps Cross Dog Training Centre for some hard learning... this peanut went back to a seed I! 

We have had a great couple of weeks back at Gepps Cross, the girl being in class 1 again to master the stands a little more.... we have to have them perfect for the trial ring with no butts on ground.....


24/7 Well the month is almost over and we think Zeva may be starting her season shortly signs are starting.....  We had a lovely play date today with Rebecca and Venus from Zibellina Kennels was lovely to see 2 bitches from 2 different kennels whom only see each other at shows occasionally getting along very well and acting crazy..... as well socialised dogs they can be taken anywhere.


Well Zeva has now finished losing her coat in prep for her up coming season, we have chosen our desired stud dog for this mating now just waiting for the girl to start her season!!


Off to obedience tomorrow not sure how many more lessons we will be attending before missy comes into season..... dont want to set all the boys in a frenzy!



Well this month has started off well with Zeva in Class 2 for obedience learning her drops was a bit of a laugh rollin on the ground with her trying to show her how its done. 



21/4 Zeva has now passed Class 1 in Obedience onto Class 2 for May learning lots more growing that brain from peanut into a walnut!! 



13/3 Zeus attended the SA Poultry & Kennel Club Inc show Sunday 13th March under judge Mr E Sotti taking out Neuter of Breed and Neuter of Group adding an additional 10 points to his current standing 92 bringing his total to now 102 qualifying him for title Neutered Champion, huge thank you to Ray Mercer for handling him you are a great team together. 


17/3 Not long now til the Nationals in Sydney one week away..... the girl is as fit as i can get her!! look forward to making the trek over with fellow South Aussies to enjoy all the dogs running around looking their best :-)



25-27th March saw the yearly National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial with an awesome result, there were initially 66 bitches entered although a few were absent.  Total presented before the judge 49 with Zeva coming in a stunning 13th position that number may be unlucky for some but seems to be our number now 2 yrs running at the National. Now to wait for the review to come out with our critiques given by the judge. Huge THANK YOU to all whom have assisted over the past 2 yrs with Zeva xx


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